What Will the Course Be Like?


The race will be a run, then bike format.

The course will include the Dwelling Loop, a portion of Van Michael Loop, and all of South Loop in a counter-clockwise direction.

The 5 mile run will take place on the Dwelling Trail and will go counter-clockwise. The 11 mile bike will include Mosquito Flats, Mini-Van Michael Loop, Mosquito Bite, Dwelling Loop, and all of South Loop trail in a counter-clockwise direction.

For those new to Blankets Creek, you will encounter the longest climbs early on in the first 2 miles of the course, then have a few miles of fast, rolling terrain before hitting the final miles of twisty, rocky trail on the South Loop. The terrain is gently rolling with moderate climbs. We expect that the overall winning time will be around 1.75 hours.

3/28 COURSE UPDATE: Minor course change‚Äč...instead of taking the connector trail directly from Dwelling to South Loop, you will continue straight on Dwelling downhill back to the "T" intersection near the wooden wall ride. From there you will climb Schultz's Chute back up to South Loop. This adds about 3/4 mile and some fun downhill to the duathlon bike course. You will also finish via the creek-side Mosquito flats trail.

Trail Run Course

Mountain Bike Course


The Dwelling Dash Trail Run follows the same 5 mile running course as the duathlon, counter clockwise on the Dwelling Trail.

Trail Run Course


The Mountain Bike Race loop will be approximately 15 miles and include ALL trails at Blankets Creek...the whole enchilada. Those entering in the beginner categories will complete one 15 mile lap, while those entering in the intermediate/advanced categories will complete two 15 mile laps. Total elevation gain is about 1400' per lap.

There will be an aid station located at the end of the lap for riders to refuel before heading out on their second lap.

Dirty Thirty Race Lap (Garmin Connect)

If you are pre-riding for the event, please check the SORBA Woodstock website for trail open/closed status before heading out.