Race Courses and Maps - Exciting Changes for 2019!

In terms of changes from 2018 - we've added nearly all of the singletrack back into the race, and you'll ride 27 miles of trail on the front end. Then 100 and 65 mile riders will complete their respective gravel loops. Once riders return, you all will go directly onto Chestnut Mountain to Thunder Rock...meaning it is ALL DOWNHILL OR FLAT to the finish. No more wondering if you can fight off the cramps long enough to make it to the finish line. Once you are back near the White Water Center, you are home free...bonus is that you get to ride the Thunder Rock Trail twice.

Maps for the 100 and 65 are broken into a trail section and gravel road section. Brief turn-by-turn instructions are on each map. Print them and stick them in a ziplock bag in your pack if you tend to get lost.

2019 Participant Guide - Read Before Race

Cohutta 100

It’s a classic. For more than a decade the Cohutta 100 has been a staple in endurance mountain bike scene. Hundreds of determined racers from around the world gather each year in the Cherokee National Forest to test their physical ability and mental will. Racers are challenged by over 12,000 ft of elevation gain through extreme single track and demanding fire roads.

This year's Cohutta 100 will use nearly all the singletrack sections of Brush Creek and Tanasi trail systems, then will go into a 65 mile gravel loop around the Cohutta and Big Frog Wilderness before circling back towards the Ocoee Whitewater Center. Once there, you'll head back into the last bit of single track and bomb down to the finish line.

The 100 mile course has a 13 hour time limit so riders and volunteers are not on the trails after dark. There is a cutoff of 1:30 pm at the 42 Mile aid station. If you have not reached this point by 1:30 pm, you will not be allowed to continue on the 100 mile course. Instead you will be directed back on FS 221 to Aid Station #1 and will be given a DNF. If you choose to go rogue and ignore instructions to turn around, you are ON YOUR OWN and the aid stations may not be available when you arrive.

2019 Cohutta 100 Trail Section Map

2019 Cohutta 100 Gravel Section Map

2019 Cohutta 100 Cue Sheet

2019 Cohutta 100 GPX File

2019 Cohutta 100 - Garmin Connect File

Big Frog 65

The Big Frog 65 is a favorite race in the endurance scene. It packs 8,000+ feet of climbing in just 65 miles. Racers will enjoy the same single track, mountain views and fast descents through the Cherokee National Forest as the Cohutta 100, with a slightly different gravel road section.

2019 Big Frog 65 Trail Section Map

2019 Big Frog 65 Gravel Section Map

2019 Big Frog 65 Cue Sheet

2019 Big Frog 65 GPX File

2019 Big Frog 65 - Garmin Connect File

Old Copper 30

The Old Copper 30 mountain bike race takes place in beautiful Southeastern Tennessee's Cherokee National Forest. Along side the Cohutta 100 and Big Frog 65 races, the Old Copper 30 participants will enjoy wooded and flowing single track, challenging climbs, fast descents, and just enough fire roads to catch your breath.

2019 Old Copper 30 Trail Section Map

2019 Old Copper 30 Cue Sheet

2019 Old Copper 30 GPX File

2019 Old Copper 30 - Garmin Connect File