Race Courses

Logging operations in the area will require rerouting of the 10.5 mile course...see updated description below. If the logging schedule requires any further changes, we will let you know as soon as possible. Stay off the trails in active logging areas.

Both courses begin at Boling Park in Canton, GA. The 4.5 mile course runs along the Etowah River, then heads up a beautiful valley, following the ridgeline before dropping back down to the river on a trail that meanders along a stream.

The 10 mile course utilizes many of the same trails in the 4.5 mile, however it heads further west through the hills above the Etowah River on little-known scenic footpaths built by local boy scouts. The remote sections of the 10 mile course are very seldom traveled, but some of the most scenic sections of trail. Come discover this hidden gem of a trail system and experience a part of Cherokee County that few have the opportunity to enjoy.

The running surface varies from flat, wide gravel jogging path to rocky, narrow singletrack. Both courses have significant elevation gain, and the surface may be loose in sections, so trail running shoes are recommended.

Hikers and walkers are encouraged to enter but should strongly consider the 4.5 mile course as the recommended cutoff time for the ten mile course is three hours. Estimated 10 mile finishing time for an "average" runner is approximately 2 hours. Detailed course maps can be found below:

This year's 10 mile course has been reverted back to the courses used in 2014 and previous years due to logging activity along the orange trail north of Shoal Creek Road. The course will follow the same start as the 4.5 mile, however will continue towards the Green Trail, pass an aid station at approx mile 4, then Follow the White Trail out past Hightower Church to Huckleberry Hill. From here, a portion of the orange trail will be used as well as some existing dirt roads to get runners back to the same aid station at Hightower Church at mile 7. Runners will follow the White Trail back to the Purple Trail and make their way uphill towards another aid station at Mile 8.5. Finally, runners will take the Yellow Trail back to White Trail, and follow the singletrack all the way back to the finish at Boling Park. Please note the map below does not show the singletrack that parallels the jogging track being used but it will be part of the course.

4.5 Mile Race Course

10 Mile Race Course

If you are pre-running the long course course, PLEASE print the map (preferably in color) and take it with you if you are not familiar with the area. You WILL get lost if you do not have a map.

I'd also highly recommend wearing bright colors and running with a buddy if out on the 10 mile course. The trails are adjacent to WMA land, so hunters may be present during the winter months.