Race Courses and Maps


The Mountain Bike Race loop will be approximately 14 miles and include most of the trails at Blankets Creek. The trails will be ridden in a Clockwise direction this year, beginning with South Loop, then Dwelling, then finally Van Michael Trail. The course will utilize the new Dwelling Flow Trail, but will retain the more advanced lines on the other sections of Dwelling.

Those entering in the beginner categories will complete one 14 mile lap, while those entering in the intermediate/advanced categories will complete two 14 mile laps. Total elevation gain is about 1400' per lap.

There will be an aid station located in the middle of the lap for riders to refuel at various points throughout the race.

Trail direction is Clockwise on Sun/Mon/Wed/Fri for those looking to pre-ride the course.

Blankets Creek Dirty 15/30 Race Lap (Garmin Connect)

Blankets Creek Dirty 15/30 GPX File Download

If you are pre-riding for the event, please check the SORBA Woodstock website for trail open/closed status before heading out.