Race Course

The race course will be approximately 8.3 miles and include a portion of Van Michael Trail (VMT Race Cut, including the "420 Climb") and the entire Dwelling Loop. None of the South Loop will be used in the 2017 event. We have shortened the laps to allow racers to complete more laps of the course in the 6 hour time limit.

The course will include VMT in the CCW direction up to the first bench, then down the next set of switchbacks. Course will then shortcut across to the return trail of VMT, eliminating the "Kevorkian Pass" switch back area. The course will then follow Mosquito Bite out to Hamilton's Hop and head to the Dwelling Trail. Ride Dwelling CCW, and then return to the Start/Finish via Hamilton's Hop.

Course Map

Garmin File of Course

Note this was done while course marking so distance data will be slightly LONG if anything.