Race Course and Map

The race course will be approximately 6.5 miles and include a portion of the Dwelling Trail, including the new Flow Trail as well as a portion of the Van Michael Trail (VMT Race Cut, minus the Kevorkian Section and 420 Climb). None of the South Loop will be used in the 2018 event. We have shortened the laps to allow racers to complete more laps of the course in the 6 hour time limit as well as add to the fun factor by having riders hit the Dwelling Flow Trail each lap.

The 2018 course includes a parade lap on Lap 1, then a fast, flat and wide start on Hamilton's Hop Trail. Riders then take a left turn and ride the majority of the Dwelling Loop CLOCKWISE this year. The course will utilize the new Dwelling Flow Trail, but will retain the more advanced lines on the other sections of Dwelling. The tread is 2-3 feet wide in most places and rolls along with views of Lake Allatoona. After completing Dwelling Loop, riders will have a short ride on Mosquito Flats/Bite, then tackle the VMT Race Cut Loop (VMT minus the Kevorkian Climb and 420 Climb Section) also in a CLOCKWISE direction. Riders will exit VMT onto Mosquito Flats and continue back up into the parking lot for each loop.

Garmin File of 2018 Course