Fools Gold 60 Course and Maps

The course begins at Anderson Creek Retreat and will have a neutral rollout for approximately 4 miles on pavement, then transition to a slightly chunky 4WD road climb up to Nimblewill Gap that is roughly 3.5 miles long. Riders then have a 7+ mile mostly downhill ride on low-grade fast gravel on to Nimblewill Church, where they will turn left onto FS 28-1 and then enter the Jake Mountain Trail System. Once on the Jake Mountain Trail System, riders will continue on the same Jake Mountain singletrack loop that has been used in prior year's Fool's Gold, across to Turner Creek, Jones Creek, and up and around Bull Mountain. Once back at the FS 83/FS 28-1 intersection, 60 mile riders will turn right and head back towards Nimblewill Church and ultimately back up the gradual climb to Nimblewill Gap. The final descent from Nimblewill Gap back down to Anderson Creek is one of the most fun on the entire course and is a great finale to this challenging mountainous course with roughly 7,000 ft of elevation gain on the 60 mile course.

See links below showing new course configuration, GPX files, Cue Sheets and additional info.


Please note if you are pre-riding, the Bull and Jake Mountain Trails are Multiuse, including Hikers and Horseback Riders. You MUST YIELD to Horses and Hikers. If you encounter a horse head-on, dismount your bike and move off the trail to allow the horse to pass. Horses are prey animals and can spook easily, causing the rider to be thrown and badly injured. Keep speed under control on blind corners that you cannot see around - there may be someone else out there other than you. Please exercise trail courtesy and help provide a safe environment for all users.


2018 Fool's Gold Course Maps

Bull and Jake Mountain Trail Map

60 Mile Cue Sheet


Both of the GPX files below have the time data stripped as they are map files, not "activity" files. We had to manually construct them based on one of my pre-rides, as some of what I pre-rode ended up being removed from the final course and we had to also manually add waypoints in a couple of sections. That being said, you CANNOT upload these files into Strava or Garmin Connect. You CAN upload them to Google Maps, Google Earth, Viking and they will also upload on devices such as a Garmin Etrex 30. Instructions on how to upload a GPX to Google Maps are HERE should you want to upload it on your own map.

60 Mile GPX File

Rain Route

We are required to have an alternate course that does not include singletrack trail in the event of extremely wet weather or saturated soil conditions leading up to the race. This is for preservation of our wonderful trails as well as your equipment. The "Rain Route" will include the same out-and-back gravel over Nimblewill Gap, and in place of the Bull-Jake Singletrack loop, riders will complete what is known as the "Winding Stair" loop. This includes the climb on FS 28-1 to Cooper Gap, then following FS 42 along the ridgeline to Winding Stair Gap, then descending from Winding Stair on FS 77 back to FS 28-1. This is the same gravel road section used at the beginning of previous year's races.

The decision to use the rain route will be made no later than the pre-race meeting on Friday September 16, however, we most likely will announce it sooner if we are required to use it.

2018 Rain Route Map