Race Course

Fast and Flowy Singletrack Bliss!

Both the 4 mile and 10 mile courses are on a variety of terrain, including dirt trails and some old gravel roadbeds. Most of the trail surface is fairly smooth and the trail bed is 4-6 feet wide in most areas to allow for plenty of passing room. The terrain is gently rolling - a good momentum course with a few extended ups and downs. Grades are fairly mellow for most of the trail, with the steepest push being near the end of the course as runners near the finish.

There will be one aid station at approximately Mile 3.3 on the 4 mile course. There will be aid 3 stations available at approximately Mile 3.3, 7.23 and 9.75 on the 10.5 mile course. All aid stations will have water, Sports Drink (Hammer Heed or Gatorade), and Gels.

The finish of both courses is uphill on a what will be the steepest grade of the trail, so the race can either be won or lost in the last half mile.

The Garmin file below shows the detail of the 2016 10.5 mile course. Despite the elevation gain and rolling hills, this is a very runnable course. Please be advised that nearly all running GPS units come up short, so actual distance may be a bit more than 10.5 miles.

10.5 mile Garmin Connect File

Course Descriptions to be used with Trail Map Below

4 Mile Course: Palomino 1B to 1F, Right on Garland Greenway to Sorrel 1H. Right at Sorrel 1H (Aid Station) then uphill to finish.

10 Mile Course: Palomino 1B to 1F, Right on Garland Greenway to Chestnut 2A. Run all of Chestnut and Roan to 2F (Aid Station). Left onto Garland Greenway. Right onto Dapple at 2E. Run all of Dapple to 2A. Right on Garland Greenway at 2A and back to Sorrel 1H (Aid Station). Left at Sorrel 1H then uphill to finish.

Garland Mountain Trail Map

Please Read - Runner/Horse Etiquette

If you are out checking out the course, ALWAYS WALK WHEN YOU ARE NEAR HORSES. Note that running is not normally allowed at these trails, however the Friends of Garland Mountain Trails make a special exception for this event. Horses can spook very easily so NEVER run up behind a horse. Always announce your presence, talk to the rider to calm the horse and yield trail to horses.