Race Course

The Fast 15 course features nearly all the trails at Rope Mill Park and will begin along the concrete path to allow riders to space out before entering the singletrack portion of the course. Riders will turn right at the bridge and complete Moore's Pass, Power House, Raceway and Turbine all in a clockwise direction. These trails are wide and allow for passing. Riders will then return across the bridge and complete Explorer Loops 1, 2, and 3 counter-clockwise. The course returns to the start/finish via singletrack trail that links Explorer to the parking lot, crosses the parking lot, then heads onto the Avalanche Trail where riders will proceed counter-clockwise on the Avalance Trail Loops 1, 2, and 3 and then head back to the start/finish to complete the course.

Because these trails are all directional bike trails, you will not be able to "legally" ride the entire course in the race direction on the same day. Race direction on the Mill Trails is Sun-M-W-F, race direction on Explorer and Avalance is T-Th-Sat. If you have to choose only one day, I would recommend pre-riding on T-Th-Sat as the Explorer and Avalanche trails are more twisty and technical than the Mill Trails. You can ride the Mill trails opposite of race direction and still get a good feel for what they will be like, as they are pretty similar in either direction.