Race Course

50 Miles of Spectacular North Georgia Gravel!

For 2023, course configuration is approximately 50 miles and consists of mostly gravel roads, some pavement, and some pasture/trails on the Montaluce Property as riders finish the race. The Aid Station is at Mile 12 and Mile 32 of the 50 mile course

2023 Southern Cross 50 Mile Route Map

2023 Southern Cross 50 Mile Route GPX File

2023 Southern Cross 50 Mile Garmin Connect File

30 Mile Course for Junior Riders

We are offering additional categories and a shorter race for junior riders. The course will consist of the "Winding Stair Loop" and be approximately 30 miles. The 30 mile course passes by the aid station once at Mile 12. We are not offering any 30 mile categories for adults, however a parent/coach may ride the 30 mile course with their junior as a non-participant chaperone for safety. Chaperones may not push, tow, or carry water or gear for their junior rider. Junior riders may NOT draft their chaperone. Adult Chaperones ARE allowed to help with mechanical assistance if needed.

The entire route will be very brightly marked with pink signs and pink tape that are very hard to miss. Course marshals will be present at road intersections. If your junior rider cannot change a flat, I would recommend they ride with a chaperone.

Should I ride a gravel/cyclocross bike or mountain bike?

Excellent question and the answer depends on your goals for the race. If you are looking to have an enjoyable experience but not worried so much about your placing in your category, then ride a mountain bike. The easier gearing on a mountain bike will make life better on the Winding Stair climb, and you will definitely enjoy the descents more. If you are a good bike handler and want to finish as quickly as possible, I would recommend riding a gravel/cyclocross bike. I have ridden both types of bikes in past editions of this event, and a gravel/cyclcross bike may produce a faster finish time but with a much rougher ride. A mountain bike is not as efficient, but in my opinion, is much more enjoyable. If you are just looking to finish the event, my recommendation is to ride a mountain bike. This event has been won by both mountain bikes and gravel bikes, so pick your poison!